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Announcing Real Results for Miami Residents
Welcome to Dynamic Fitness Boot Camp, Miami’s Elite Indoor and Outdoor Boot Camps Jump Start Your Fitness Program the Quickest Way Possible, Lose Unwanted Pounds and Inches Fast, See The Results In Just A Few Weeks!

Dear friend,

Dynamic Fitness Boot Camp workouts are like nothing you have tried before. They are high-energy, fat-burning and calorie destroying workouts. You will be encouraged and motivated every step of the way. You will be amazed with your results.

  • Do You Need To Be Held Accountable?
  • Do You Need Motivation?
  • Would You Like To Meet Fun People?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then this is for you!

The workouts are designed to transform you body. Dynamic Fitness Boot Camp is a Total Body Workout, it combines various types of training systems, exercises, and equipment to always challenge your body and to keep you intrigued.

The Best Workout You’ve Ever Tried

No two workouts will ever be the same. There is a multitude of unique training methods what will keep you body guessing.. “Muscle Confusion.” This type of training will shock your body into fat loss, speeding up the ability to introduce new movements and routines. Your body will never plateaus. You will never be bored! You will get lean, fit and healthier in a variety of ways that will keep you motivated

This Is Not an Aerobics Class

Do not confuse this boot camp to your typical aerobics or group training class. This is not a class this is a workout. There is a limited space in each workout group meaning you will get specific attention helping you achieve results. With this metabolic training, you will burn more calories than you ever would in an aerobics class. Everyone in each training group has the same goal and everyone works together to motivate and inspire. You can’t fail in this environment.

Work That Core

Your core will be engaged in ways you never thought possible. The types of exercises done will require you to constantly use your core musculature. Having sexy abs are great but having a strong core will prevent injury, improve your posture and increase your overall strength.

I Guarantee That You’ve Never Done a Workout Like This

Don’t believe me? Then fill out the form below and request to try out the boot camp for one full week free.


What You Can Expect

  • Never the same workout twice!
  • Lose Weight and Inches Fast
  • Master Your Metabolism
  • Motivation and Expert coaching
  • Fitness assessments to keep you on track
  • Daily e-mails
  • Fit-Tips Newsletter sent out twice a month
  • And more!

You Can’t Fail

With your commitment and my knowledge and motivation you will not fail. I have helped many before and I want to help you. See what other success stories I know hot to make the workouts fun and engaging for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level or past experiences. If you have tried and failed…or maybe have seen results but fall back to old habits almost instantly…you are not alone. This cycle happens to just about everyone, and I am here to prevent that. I want you to feel, look, to live life and take control of your body you deserve. Try it out for one full week and you will see that this is for you

To Your Health and Fitness,

Danny Ramos

Dynamic Health and Fitness
2395 Coral Way
Miami, FL 33144


Proudly Serving Miami, South Miami, Coral Gables, Brickell, Coconut Grove and More!


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