This short video clip is a compilation of excerpts from several different concerts. It opens with the Fünf Gedichte von Richard Pohl, Opus 15. While researching Christus I discovered the manuscript of this set of unaccompanied choral works in the prototypical dusty box in the Sächsisches Staatsarchiv in Leipzig. Because I edited them for ECS Publishing, I knew them by heart and surprised everyone by conducting them from memory for the first time at the concert. They’re still some of my favorite SATB choral works and I hope to edit Bülow’s other choral works forthwith.

The clip also presents Ave verum corpus by Mozart and Franz Liszt, from a concert devoted to the “Ave verum corpus” hymn. That concert took place while I was interim director of Collegium musicum at the University of Miami.

Two segments of Fünf Gedichte für Männerchor by Arnold Schönberg are from a concert where I used Igor Stravinsky‘s quote “You can trace all of Western music from Bach to Beethoven to Liszt to Schönberg” as a theme. These exceedingly difficult pieces became favorites of the UM men‘s choir Mælstrom.

And finally, two excerpts from Liszt‘s The Bells of the Strausbourg Cathedral, a wonderful piece with text by Longfellow. That concert included UM Chamber Singers, members of Mælstrom and Women‘s Chamber Ensemble, and a host of wind players from the instrumental department.
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